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Jan 30, 2013 7:00pm PST
, indiana and tennessee killing one person. buildings and homes were severely damaged. in indianapolis crews are still trying to secure down power lines after the storm moved through the area. the residents along the eastern seaboard is on alert for tornadoes at this moment. further tornado is likely and torrential rain as well. by thursday morning things will be letting up. rain will be letting up. nice calm conditions should return. south eastern canada will remain unsettled throughout thursday. back behind it because of a strong northwesterly winds snow is falling around the great lakes region up to 35 centimeters is likely into the next 24 hours. more heavy snow is falling in the knnorthwest. ahead of the area very dry but very windy and very chilly. we have wind chill warnings and advisories posted. with the wind chill factors you feel like minus 15 degrees or so. temperatures are as follows, very chilly minus 21 degrees for winnipeg and minus 8 degrees in chicago. the cold air will move toward the southeast. new york city at 9 degrees on thursday but will plummet to 1 degrees on friday
Jan 24, 2013 7:00pm PST
but freezing rain is also likely in the tennessee valley. towards the pacific northwest growing snow could make a significant stage for traveling disturbances. temperatures are shaping up like this. still you can tell that the arctic biting frigid cold air is in store for you out here. winnipeg minus 20 degrees. to the south of that jet stream at 24 degrees. los angeles hanging on to the high teens. here in europe thunderstorms are very active in this mediterranean regions but out toward the north high pressure dominates. cold temperatures are still going to be in store. finally due this system moving in, the warmth will come. it's going to be really bad news for the heavy rain. finally a retleef that freezing temperaturing. i want to lead you off with this video talking about freezing temperatures. the not only people were shivering cold weather affected some animals. really cute. it's coming from wales ape and monkey sanctuary. they are keeping warm by bundling up in blankets. the zoo keepers gave them blankets as well as hot tea as temperatures dipped to near freezing on wednesday. i think t
Jan 25, 2013 7:00pm PST
chicago. and expect it to shift to the east coast and also the freezing rain in tennessee, very well could be accumulating, up to a half centimeter in some areas here. that will pile up on branches, on the trees, power lines, power outages, a major threat as that continues to move across much of the area. behind it, things will be drying off. but to the southeast. look at los angeles. seeing some rainshowers here throughout the next several days. high of 18. denver, well above average. 14 for the high. very different story in winnipeg. minus 21. good news by next week it will warm back up tthe freezing mark. something to look forward to i guess. here to the british isles, looking at snowfall. an area of low pressure moving overhead. that will start to the northern portions of the uk and work its way toward the south through saturday. gradually tapering off by saturday afternoon. you will get a little bit of a break, by sunday, another storm system working its way through. not too much of a break on tap. the next one a little stronger. here to the balkans, toward turkey. you will see some s
Jan 25, 2013 7:30am EST
centimeters and then freezing rain threat, specifically across portions of tennessee over towards north carolina. does look like this will be dangerous. any freezing rain falling, power lines here top of trees and accumulating up very well can create that risk power outages. further out there in the west into los angeles even around san diego something you don't see quite too often some heavy rain showers, actually about 50 millimeters at times in the next 24 hours. very well could be seeing heavy burst thunderstorms flaring up. definitely want to watch that. that will be make being roads slippery. los angeles with a high of 18. denver look at you, 14, well above average. winnipeg at minus 21. does look like you'll get a heat wave and by heat wave in winnipeg it's getting up near the freezing mark by next week. something you have to look forward to here. here's a look at your extended forecast. >>> we'll be back in 30 minutes with more news. i'm gene otani in tokyo.
Jan 29, 2013 7:30am EST
get that risk of severe weather, specifically around missouri over towards western tennessee and northern mississippi. you could be seeing wind gusts over 100 miles an hour. hail, frequent lightning and even the risk of tornadoes. cannot rule that out at all. also that cold air that will be wrapping around, that's going to be bringing snowfall for western great lakes and dropping down these temperatures. look at winnipeg, minus 9 for you. ten-degree drop going into thursday. washington, d.c. and new york, you'll see a slight warm-up ahead of that front. warm air coming through but it will start to cool right back off once that front begins to pass by. now, here in europe, several systems we're watching. a severe one over the british isles bringings heavy rainfall, risk of flooding, gusty winds. look at the lines close together. that's indicating about 40 to 60 kilometer per hour sustained winds as it pushes overhead. behind it, though, just like in the americas, we'll see a cold air mass filter in. 13 and 12 on your high. on tuesday expect that to get down to the single digit
Jan 30, 2013 7:30am EST
even across portions of tennessee. then over towards the carolinas you're going to be seeing that frontal area push through, bringing with it all of these destructive winds, tornadoes, ping pong size hail and then off towards the north into the great lakes, even though the rough weather is down toward the south windy conditions and heavy snow is very well likely. localized areas seeing up to 12 centimeters. behind this frontal area this cold air will be changing things up. even across the rockies. you're still seeing heavy snowfall. denver just with a high of 5. take a look at winnipeg minus 16. on thursday this is even expected to get lower. chicago yesterday you saw record breaking highs. now back near the freezing mark. but look out ahead of that frontal area for you there in much of the eastern seaboard including washington, d.c. down to atlanta, it's rather warm. not going to be lasting very long. just enjoy it for the time being because once that system pushes through things will be changing. now across much of europe we have a storm system that's lingering towards the
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)